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Can you assemble the fourth set of solar arrays to the station? Ride the Robotic Arm. There's a tear in the solar array! Can you ride the robotic arm then use the clamps to fix the tear? Retrieve Your Tools. You have used a lot of tools to do your repair work. Now many of them are scattered in space.

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How many of them can you retrieve before heading back to the airlock? Someday they'll help astronauts study space and possibly even assist with in-orbit construction projects. But first they must learn to fly in formation. Restore Space-to-Ground Communications.


The ISS has lost voice and data contact with mission control. Take a space walk to bring communications back on line by powering an auxiliary antenna. So I spent a buck and seem to have lost it because I started the game over. Is that a glitch or is it made that way?

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If not a glitch, a warning that I would loose my purchase would have been nice. Also, is there a way to delete or move modules? I do not like that I have to have the setup from the tutorial. I want to place things differently. To see where it goes. This game has great potential!!

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I really enjoy this style and type of game. Needs to be removed and all purchases refunded pronto! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

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Description If you are dreaming of space from childhood, then our simulator of the space station you will surely like! Thanks to your feedback, we tried to improve the game, in this update you will find: Improving the game balance and error correction. Ok I just watched some of the videos, and it looks live Eve and X3 had a baby Looks promising.

I don't understand why companies arn't into making space flight games anymore. They have a good following.

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Just got the game the otehr day. It's actually not that bad. I haven't tried the Multiplayer mode though, a bit worried as I'm new to the Evochron universe. Freelancer is one of my all time favourite games and I've been waiting forever for another game like it to come out. DigitalExile yeah I want to know if its more comparable to Freelancer easy to use interface or X3 with it's insane "5 hours playing and I still don't know how tobuy and sell stuff" interface. Just try thr Demo Out, it's the complete game, but just 90 minutes of it of game time allowed.

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It's kinda a nice balance Between x3 and Freelancer. It's x3 made easy but freelancer on a larger scale. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

Looks pretty interesting actually.