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Getting a new Mac is a great opportunity to get a fresh start — like moving into a new house. Have fun!

Step One: Start Migration Assistant on Your New Mac

Would it be possible to hardwire the old Mac to the new Mac before using Migration Assistant? And if so what type cable would one use to connect the two Macs? What would be the best way to transfer files to a clean install or new MAC? I suppose my Mac gathered a lot of garbage through the years and I am thinking about a clean install. With the Migration Assistant I fear to copy all this junk as well. What is the best way? Do I just copy the stuff I need manually? Where do I find all the local Mails? What about Apps bought old fashioned online? Thanks for some advice and greetings from Germany.

Yes, exactly. I want to transfer my information from my old mac to a shiny, new OS X installation. I dont want any of the garbage settings, and built up cr p. I want my old stuff on a fresh install. Suggestions for that other than painstakingly moving library, application support and myriad other files and folders from one to the other? Personally, I just take my documents, pictures, and itunes library, and copy that stuff manually to a brand new Mac. Then I go and redownload and reinstall the apps I want.

That way you dont carry around legacy stuff you may not need anymore, but you keep all your documents. Especially with Photoshop, I was hoping to avoid having to reload all my plug-ins, actions, key commands, brushes, work spaces, etc. I actually was a little skeptical of this when I recently purchased my new MBP. I had an early running Mountain Lion and finally decided to upgrade. I used the migration assistant. I was amazed at how fast it was. That was an easy fix.

How to transfer your old Mac's data to your new Mac | iMore

So I highly recommend using migration assistant. Yes, if you choose the Time Machine option instead when running Migration Assistant. Assuming you have a recent TM backup, too. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Computer includes certain system-wide settings, such as sharing preferences, Energy Saver settings, and parental controls.

Printers refers to your printer settings. Network includes the settings in your Network preference pane.

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Setup Assistant copies the selected items to your new Mac — a process that may take just a few minutes or several hours, depending on how much data you are transferring. Click Continue to keep going. At the end of the migration process, a Migration Complete screen appears, stating that your data has been migrated and is ready to use. Click Quit to dismiss the window. At this point, your Mac should prompt you to log in, and then ask you a few final questions.

Follow the prompts until you get to the Migration Assistant screen shown earlier. Make your choice and click Continue. Migration Assistant copies the selected data. When it finishes, you can quit it on both Macs. You may be prompted to restart the destination Mac or to log back in. Then skip ahead to Step 9, and pick up from there.

Transfer Files Mac to Mac - Time Machine Backup vs Migration Assistant vs Target Disk Mode

Click Continue. Verify that the number is the same on both sides, and then, on the Windows PC, click Continue. Other Files on C: This category, which may or may not appear depending on your configuration, includes other folders on your main Windows volume you may want to transfer, including Shared Files. The file transfer proceeds. I have not found a cloud that handles Quicken for Mac information and files. Do you know of one?

Three Tips on Migrating to a New Mac

I'm afraid I don't know anything about storing Quicken data in the cloud. My guess would be that if for whatever reason it won't work with one cloud service, it won't work with any. But I don't have any further details, sorry! As trivial as that may sound, I royally shot myself in the foot last time I got a new Mac. Read on to learn how NOT to do it. I figured best to update the old system so it will be ready for the new Mac.

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That turned out to be a HUGE mistake. The new Mac arrived and of course it had shipped with Obviously Setup Assistant on the new Mac then refused to migrate over stuff from my old Mac because that wasn't a 'compatible' system. At first I figured, no biggie, I'll just restart in recovery mode, download a vanilla OS X and have it install that expecting I'd get Alas, that didn't happen. It kept downloading Of course that didn't end up working out either, because you cannot create the bootable installer from a running installation.

Transfer Everything from an Old Mac to a New Mac with Migration Assistant

Well the thing I could download there was I don't understand why, but that's the way it was. Oh well. I decided to forget about migrating for the time being and instead just set up a dummy admin account on the new Mac, use that to update from And sure enough that worked. I thought I was being smart in using simon2 for the dummy account so there would be no conflict when Migration Assistant later on would migrate the simon account from the old system to what was going to be the new permanent simon account on the new system.

In theory that all made sense. The oversight was that I was considering user names and paths, but I forgot to think in terms of UIDs. So that's what my dummy account got and once I was finished with the migration and deleted that dummy, I had essentially gotten rid of UID When I migrated the old account UID on the old system , it was migrated just fine to the new system, but in the process it became UID So now whenever I attach external storage I used to use with the old system I have lots of those disks my new simon user does not have access since the items are owned by UID and the new user simon is UID Now of course I could change permissions everywhere or even change the UID, but after the entire ordeal I didn't feel like opening that can of worms.

And secondly, dummy accounts might not be as simple a tool as you'd think. Wow, that's quite a harrowing story!

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I've never encountered a situation where I was migrating from a newer version of the operating system to an older one, but I can certainly see how that would cause problems. I don't know exactly what's going on with your UID issue. That would require some research and experimentation.

In any case, I appreciate the cautionary tale!