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The failure of my taste buds to detect my Solanum lycopersicum friend could be attributed to the Big Tasty sauce. Controversially, I found myself thinking it was better than when I had it previously with a more smoky taste than before. Shocking I know to all of you asking for the old sauce to return.

The Chicken Selects do not work on the build and this resulted in a sloppy, lopsided mess with many bites just of bread, sauce and salad. Thankfully the Chicken Big Tasty is not for life and is just for Christmas… although that is actually extended until Tuesday 29th January to see us through the bleakest of months. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. I am a fan of the Big Tasty and was very disappointed when it disappeared.

News of it's return is welcome indeed. I fear you did not have the best introduction to the BT. Give it another try, if only to show a bit if scientific rigour. Speaking of promotions, do you guys know when Coke Glasses will be back? Swear they didn't do them last year, always my favourite promotion.

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I only eat at Mcdonalds when this burger is available, I wish they would make it permanent! It's lovely in almost every way, I love the large amount of sauce you usually get also.

Always no Bacon and no Tomato for me though…. It depends which McDonald's you go to and what the kitchen staff are like. I work at McDonalds and we make sure all the orders are double checked so that we don't have any food lying around getting cold. Best way to get this gorgeous burger at a very high standard is, ask for it without a tomato!

McDonald's Prices UK

Would there be a difference in price for the large meal with a shake? Just returned from the Drakehouse, Sheffield restaurant where I ordered the Big Tasty Large meal with bacon, Was all freshly cooked but to my dismay when I started to eat the burger found no bacon in it at all. There was nothing on the box to identify with or without bacon so because I had already started to consume the burger and not wishing to cause unnecessary embarrassment consumed the rest and left, never to return again…. Thank you for nothing!. Try the Big Tasty without the sauce and bacon.

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I think your be in for a pleasant surprise! I personally hate the big tasty sauce.

McDonald's Grand Big Mac UK Review & Size Comparison

I think it ruins this burger. I would love to know what they season this burger with. So, I ordered a big tasty, which was full of deliciousness! It watered my mouth as expected but a kol zobi shayaan was located within the beef. I will not allow this to happen again!

McDonald’s Menu Prices UK

Like for help, please! How much is a big tasty meal standard because the price changes every time I go there! Your email address will not be published. A McMariner, which we now call Filet-O-Fish, cost 30p and a value meal of a hamburger, fries and milkshake, known as United Tastes of America, cost 48p.

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Large French fries cost 12p, a small serving 10p, hot apple pie was 15p and hot and cold drinks started at 8p. Another menu, this one from the eighties shows how prices started to creep up, with takeaway options costing considerably less than eating in. A hamburger cost 43p. Take away versions of those burgers would have cost 37 and 42p respectively.

McDonald’s Big Mac Bacon

A quarter pounder was 85p, Big Mac 89p and an apple pie cost 25p. A menu from the s shows prices slowly creeping up, with dining in options costing more than takeaway. When the Golden Arches first opened in the UK, the fast food giant employed 55 people. Acording to a spokesperson, over the last 40 years, more than 1. In the restaurant launched McNuggets and in the first Drive Thru restaurant was opened in Fallowfield in Manchester. Happy Meals made their debut in the same year. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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