Mac air power cord not charging

My charger was not showing as green or amber or any color for that matter. And my MacBook Air was not charging.

Apple MacBook Pro Charger

So despite trying to fix the charging or lack thereof issue using a documented Apple process, I turned to the Apple Support forums and found a solution that, when you read it, you are not going to believe. It turns out that the 45W charger needs some tender loving care when it is cold. The fix is easy. I was completely skeptical about this fix but I figured that I would test it out. Then, to my amazement, the MagSafe charging light turned on and my MacBook Air was actually charging! Adapters are very sensitive to heat, and Apple built them with automatic shut off functions if they start getting too hot — which, of course, means that your MacBook will never get charged if you keep charging in a hot place.

Make sure your adapter is always in the shade and well ventilated. Then, plug it back in and see if it works.

Check power

Try using your computer away from other appliances, especially refrigerators and fluorescent lights, which are notorious for causing line noise troubles. Even if it appears as though your charger is the problem, we suggest trying the two steps below before moving on, because they can solve a lot of hidden problems in your MacBook:. The best Apple Watch faces for 1 day ago. The best monitor for the MacBook Pro 1 day ago. The best race and class combinations for your next WoW Classic character 3 days ago. The best 2-in-1 laptops 1 day ago.

Strain relief is a condition where the DC cable the thin cord that attaches the MagSafe connector to the power adapter separates from the end of the MagSafe connector or from the other end of the thin cord, at the power adapter. Under continued use, the cable may discolor and the rubber molding may become deformed.

Another indication of possible strain relief that is not always visible to the eye is intermittent electrical connectivity.

You can often verify this condition by wiggling the cable back and forth near the MagSafe connector and observing whether the LED indicator which turns amber or green flashes on or off depending on the position of the cord. You should not use power adapters that have strain relief damage or that are missing insulation or rubber. Do not attempt to repair an adapter cable in this state. Sometimes you may discover that the MagSafe adapter for your computer is not working properly because the pins inside the MagSafe connector are stuck. Example of ground pins on adapter sticking.

This may cause the adapter to be seen but it may not charge. Example of the sense pin on adapter sticking. This may cause the adapter to charge but not be seen and may cause the LED on the adapter to stay dark.

What to Do If Your MacBook Charger Isn't Working | Digital Trends

If you think that a pin is stuck down, try unplugging and re-plugging the MagSafe adapter into the power port. The pins should move and reset themselves to a neutral position.

If you find that a pin isn't resetting itself, gently press the pin sideways using a fingertip or other soft, non-scratching surface to see if the pin will reset itself. If the pin will not reset, please refer to the Learn more section at the bottom of this article. Be sure to regularly inspect and clean both the MagSafe adapter connector and the power port on your Apple portable computer for dirt or signs of damage. To clean the MagSafe port on your Mac Notebook, disconnect the adapter from the wall outlet.

Remove debris gently with a cotton swab or a soft bristle toothbrush. Be careful not to get any cotton fibers stuck in the MagSafe in port. To clean the MagSafe connector and pin area, disconnect the adapter from the wall outlet and from the computer.

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Be careful not to get any cotton fibers stuck in the pin receptacle and to not bend or otherwise damage any of the pins. In some cases, operating system or firmware updates may be available for your computer which improve communication with your power adapter. This will search for updates for your computer which you can review and install. After following the steps above, see if the computer is charging and the LED is lit.

How to troubleshoot a MacBook that’s not charging

If not, please refer to the Learn more section below. Whether or not your product is in or out of warranty, you can take your adapter to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for evaluation and replacement if necessary. Pending the results of the evaluation, you may or may not be eligible for a replacement adapter free of charge. Signs of accidental damage would negate any coverage. Be sure to bring in the computer used with the adapter; it is required to process potential adapter replacements.

Your power adapter won't charge the computer. The LED on the adapter connector doesn't light up when attached to the computer.

Older Macbooks Have Lights on the Charging Cable

The adapter only charges the computer intermittently.