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The main feature is its focus mode, which provides an automatic scroll of the text as the user types, with the sentence or paragraph being typed appearing at the centre of the screen.

How to Create Headers and Footers in Word 2008 for Mac

This means that users are able to write the text in iA Writer then have it uploaded as a draft to Wordpress or Medium automatically. Its provided Docer library provides a selection of free templates.

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WPS Office also provides a PDF to Word converter tool which is included with its latest update, providing easy access for users of the word processor. A key feature in WPS Office is the multiple document tabs available, enabling users to switch between documents easily. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register.

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Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

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More from the IDG Network. Here are some of the best we have found. Read next: Should I buy Office for Mac? All Slides. Microsoft Word. Google Docs. SoftMaker FreeOffice. Nevron Writer. Apache OpenOffice. LibreOffice Writer. WPS Office Free. Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. Microsoft Word Although Mac users may have had difficulty with Microsoft Word in the past, it seems that the processor is now one of the best options for Apple machines.

Google Docs Google Docs is a free, cloud-based word processor which is supported by various systems. SoftMaker FreeOffice FreeOffice provides a complete suite of office software, complete with word processor. FreeOffice is available for free download on macOS Apache OpenOffice Apache OpenOffice provides a free word processor feature, called Writer, for tasks from taking notes to long documents, diagrams and more.

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The processor also provides templates for screenplays, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Next Up: Check out these related slideshows. The evolution of the iPad.

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  • Inline objects keep their position on the page relative to a portion of the text. As content moves up or down on the page, the object stays where it was placed. To ensure that images and objects remain with the text that references it, always position it as an inline object. Similarly, avoid placing drawing objects directly into the document e. Instead, create borders with page layout tools and insert complete graphical objects.

    Any documents that are longer than a few paragraphs require structuring to make them more straightforward for readers to understand. True headings are more than just bolded, enlarged, or centered text; they are structural elements that order and levels provide a meaningful sequence to users of assistive technologies.

    Named styles help your readers understand why something was formatted in a given way, which is especially helpful when there are multiple reasons for the same formatting e. For more information on formatting using named styles, see Technique 9. Note: While office application suites support headings in much the same way, the named styles often differ.

    Road to Mac Office Word '08 vs Pages

    When using tables, it is important to ensure that they are clear and appropriately structured. This helps all users to better understand the information in the table and allows assistive technologies e. Otherwise, assistive technologies will interpret your list as a series of short separate paragraphs instead of a coherent list of related items. At this time, it is not possible to modify pre-formatted list styles or to create your own list styles.

    Use Columns feature for placing text in columns. However, because columns can be a challenge for users of some assistive technologies, you should consider whether a column layout is really necessary. Creating an index or table of contents to outline office document content can provide a means of navigating the meaningful sequence of content. The best way to generate a table of contents is after applying the predefined heading styles, such as "Heading 1" as described above, to the headings that you want to include in your table of contents. After you apply these styles, you can then create a table of contents.

    Numbering the pages of your document helps those reading and editing your document effectively navigate and reference its content. For users of assistive technologies, it provides a valuable point of reference within the document. In case the document is ever converted into HTML, it should be given a descriptive and meaningful title. Charts can be used to make data more understandable for some audiences. However, it is important to ensure that your chart is as accessible as possible to all members of your audience.

    Office applications do typically include accessibility features such as the ability to magnify documents and support for high contrast modes. However, because printing is an important aspect of many workflows and changing font sizes directly will change documents details such the pagination, the layout of tables, etc. The visual presentation of text and images of text should have a contrast ration of at least 4. To help you determine the contrast, here are some examples on a white background:.

    Also, always use a single solid color for a text background rather than a pattern. In order to determine whether the colors in your document have sufficient contrast, you can consult an online contrast checker, such as:. Color should not be used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element. In order to spot where color might be the only visual means of conveying information, you can create a screenshot of the document and then view it with online gray-scale converting tools, such as:.

    The instructions provided for understanding and operating content should not rely solely on sensory characteristics such as the color or shape of content elements. Here are two examples:. Before you use an image to control the presentation of text e. If this is not possible, as with logos containing stylized text, make sure to provide alternative text for the image following the techniques noted above.

    By taking the time to design your content in a consistent way, it will be easier to access, navigate and interpret for all users:. Hyperlinks are more effective navigation aids when the user understands the likely result of following the link. Otherwise, users may have to use trial-and-error to find what they need. To help the user understand the result of selecting a hyperlink, ensure that the link makes sense when read in the context of the text around it. At this time, Word for Mac does not offer a mechanism to check for potential accessibility errors in your document prior to publishing.

    Note: Before saving in other formats, you may want to run the Compatibility Report feature by selecting Compatibility Report… from the Save As dialog. This checks the compatibility of your existing document with the format you have selected save your document as.

    http://thenakedtruthaboutdivorce.com/4053-smartphone-hangouts.php The results of this check are revealed in the Compatibility Report dialog, where you have explanations of errors and options to fix them. While Word for Mac does allow you to save documents in the PDF format, at this time it does not offer an explicit option to save your document in the tagged PDF format. Disclaimer: This list is provided for information purposes only. It is not exhaustive and inclusion of an application or plug-in on the list does not constitute a recommendation or guarantee of results by the IDRC. If you are interested in what features are provided to make using Word for Mac more accessible to users, documentation is provided in the Help system:.

    Quick Reference Usage Notes Technique 1. Use Accessible Templates Technique 2.