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Posted on Feb 28, Page content loaded. Feb 28, 1: Feb 29, 1: You could buy an external DVD drive. It needs to be firewire and bootable by Mac OS. If you have another PPC with firewire, you could try target Disk mode and installed tiger that way. You need to figure out the level of your firmware before installing Installing The firmware software receives control when you poweron your machine. It does some hardware testing and some hardware configuration then passes control to your version of Mac OS. It reside on a PROM program read only memory chip on the logic board.

For a slot loading iMac, this article indicates that you need to be running 9.

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There is no need to partition. You can save hard drive space by doing a custom install. Leave out the print drivers you do not need and the languages you do not need.

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By customizing, you can trim Tiger down to about three gig. More Less.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: McHammer79 McHammer Windows Software Speciality level out of ten: Can i update my imac g3 to leopard from mac os 8. Which iMac is it? Two form factors, nine CPU speeds, and fifteen different colors. How can anyone keep this straight?

Which version of Mac OS X is best for your hardware depends on several factors. Which Macs support OS 9, where to buy it, and how to update to 9.

can i update my imac g3 to leopard from 8… - Apple Community

The iMac Legacy: One of the most popular lines of computers ever, the G3 iMac would be Apple staples for nearly five years. Proceed at your own risk. Backspace key, old iBook and PowerBook power consumption, iSlate speculation, and more. Using a G3 iMac as part of your home entertainment center with remote control, audio out to your stereo, and video out to your TV.

Mac OS X Leopard

Also, a look at SeaMonkey 2 and Camino 1. Mac OS X Ongoing frustrations with Eudora and dialup, ways to tweak Tiger for better performance, and problems with a WD MyBook external hard drive. Using new tech with old tech , John Hatchett, Recycled Computing, PowerPC support in iLife 09 a pleasant surprise, no overheating issues with rpm drive in an iMac, and dialup access as a good backup plan for power failures.

Is Camino now the best browser for older Macs? Camino 1.

Also another email client suggestion and whether a G3 iMac can handle a rpm hard drive without overheating. Used G3 iMacs are going for a song these days, but are they worth spending money on, let along upgrading? Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble.

Are G3 Macs still viable work machines? Using low end Macs for Internet radio , Gordon R. Brown, My Turn, When the local public radio station moved classical music to HD radio, it was time to find another way to listen.

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An old iMac with iTunes solved the problem. Also whether a 1. Turn your old Mac into a website server with free open source software , Jason Packer, Macs in the Enterprise, Slot loading iMacs: The importance of securely clearing your hard drive before you pass on your Mac, Pismo and closed lid mode, G3 iMacs in the classroom, and more thoughts on upgrading G4 Power Macs.

Watching YouTube videos in your browser on G3 Macs can be painfully slow, but there are several ways to improve your YouTube viewing experience. The green light of death, failing powerboards, and crumbling plastics are some of the problems old CRT iMacs face as they age. Also wondering why Mac OS X Tired of losing work and tech support, Bragg bought an iMac, switched to Mac versions of his apps, and tripled his output the first year.

Road Apple nominations, OS X Which ones are best for OS X, and which should be avoided? Also iMac upgrade advice, iBook G3 video chip resoldering, and how to get your website indexed by Google. Also the pros and cons of running Mac OS X Many G3 iMacs are fuzzy at x What are the options for connecting an external monitor and disabling the built-in display? Software to darken iMac display, columnist returns iPhone, Logitech introduces air mouse, and more , Mac News Review, The Missing Manual, Parallels Desktop 3 a major update, and more.