Kindle previewer wont open on mac

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Kindle Previewer 3. Preview book layouts; ideal for publishers and authors. Follow This App Developer website: See discussion Is Kindle Previewer really the best app in eBooks category? See discussion.

Kindle Previewer App Opening Then Immediately Closing on OS X – Hacking and the Web

Version 3. Improved stability and performance. Similar Software. Luckily your solution worked for me. Posted by Eric on February 21, at Posted by Migs on March 27, at Thanks so much for this information! I use Kindle Previewer to convert epub to mobi and never would have put together that it was a Java issue. Posted by Dominic on July 12, at Posted by Anthony Hortin on September 16, at I think I followed all of the instructions here correctly but unclear whether I've done it right. Kindle Previewer still crashes every time I launch.

I've never gotten anything to open I used the command line you suggest above --here's a question that likely shows my ignorance I'm running the latest Yosemite which I updated to partly based on someone's comment that it solved their KP problem to do this. Posted by Liza on November 06, at I added the following step after Adam's to get the solution to work for me with Kindle Previewer v2.

So these lines start like this:. If you have no idea where the v1. Posted by Anthony Yen on December 17, at Same for me as Liza, except my OS is Mavericks.

The KDP people gave me similar instructions that don't work and this link if I needed help. I can see the 1.

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No luck. I'm stuck, I don't understand where line 26 and 29 are counted from Anthony Yen. Any ideas? Posted by Ron on January 22, at Just under and in addition to the suggested addition above? Posted by Nick on August 11, at Posted by Posted by Matt on September 25, at I also have the Kindle Previewer issue on El Capitan.

Command line? Previous windows user totally lost on mac. Posted by David Seibold on October 23, at Not a huge deal as it's still buggy beta software.

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But I'm having the same issue with the newest Kindle Previewer, 3. Epub, Mobi, Doc, Docx Meanwhile, the old 2 version of Kindle Previewer opens stuff just fine. I've been testing various permutations: Upgraded Office to as much as I didn't want to , uninstalled the old version of Previewer, re-installed the new Previewer, uninstalled again and cleaned out all the directories it took up, tried again, etc.

Still nothing. I have no idea why this isn't working. Running Windows 10, 16gb of memory, etc. If anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated. Remove Advertisements. Not any more Status: Since I would never be a guinea pig for either Microsoft or Amazon, I'd like to thank you for blazing the trail.

I'm going to bookmark this in hopes that you figure it all out before they force me to upgrade. Good luck! Greg Banks Status: Arthur C Clarke Posts: GA Also known by the pseudonym "Drew Griot". Is your operating system set to hide file extensions? I just upgraded to version 3.